RC Flight Log

RC Flight Log

The T3chDad® RC Flight Log is every RC pilot's essential companion. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee or a pack of cigarettes, you can have the most useful and practical RC mobile app on the planet! Gone are the days of tick marks in a paper ...

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Deltastorm Series

Deltastorm Series

From the original X-41 design, the airframe and power systems have continued to evolve and change. At present, there are four separate versions that I have built. I've had a great time with all of them and I hope you do to! Thousands of RC pilots around the globe have ...

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Nerd Fun!

I’m going to have some nerd fun this weekend playing with my new 3D UV resin printer.


Dropbox Update…

Version 3.1.20 has been deployed to the Google Play Store. This version fixes Dropbox functionality. Please let me know if you have any issues with this version. Thank you for your patience.


Dropbox Issues…

I’m seeing numerous reports that the Dropbox functionality is failing. I am investigating. I will post again when I have more information. I apologize for the problems.


RC Flight Log v4.0

New Version Update:

There is no ETA on v4.0. I appreciate your business and your support, but want to be honest and clear. I do not want to string along any users that might be on the fence. My schedule these days has not afforded me any time for work on the RC Flight Log and at this point I can’t even guarantee that there will be a 4.0. While I still have the desire to release the envisioned v4.0 as discussed in previous posts below, I do not know when my schedule will permit that to occur.

Please take care and happy flying! ?


Notice: End of support for iOS

*** Notice: End of support for iOS ***

The T3chDad® RC Flightlog will continue to be available on iTunes until December 17, 2016. After that time you will not be able purchase or re-download your previous purchase of this product to your iOS device. There will not be any future software releases or updates for iOS of any kind. The Android version of the RC Flight Log will continue to be supported and updated with the release of v4.0 planned in 2016.


Su-35 Flanker Details

I’ve completed the build log and details page for my customized Freewing Su-35 Super Flanker. Check it out!



Version 4.0 Progress…

I have been working hard on version 4.0. Here are a few screenshots to give you and idea of the new interface. There is still much to do. If I’d have to guess, I’m about 1/2 done. l do not have a release date yet…probably a couple of months.


Possible iOS 8 Problem…

I have received a report that iOS-8 causes a problem reviewing previous flights. The problem is not present if you sync the DB back to an iOS 7 device. I am researching to find what may be causing the problem but my iOS dev platform is down at the moment. Please let me know if you are seeing this issue.

Thank you!


RC Flight Log Update…

This has been a rough year. While v4.0 is still in the works, its development has been derailed by numerous serious life events. I apologize (again) for the lack of updates. I have been reviewing everyone’s suggestions and many of them will be implemented…please keep them coming. I have also decided to change development platforms so I can reach even more pilots with this awesome app.

Thank you for your patience!


Version 4.0 Under Development…

My apologies for the lack of updates. Work, health and many other things have been quite demanding these past several months.

I am resuming work on the RC Flight Log v4.0. While it is still several months out, I would like to take this opportunity to list some new features and teaser screens as well as solicit for user feature requests.

Known v4.0 New Features:
1) Tablet mode (will take advantage of a big screen).
2) Data import/export and printable report capabilities.
3) Improved imaging.
4) Improved flight statistics and calendaring (cumulative for all aircraft or just individual aircraft).
5) User interface improvements for usability and readability.
6) User-configurable usage orders (charge-fly vs. fly-charge).

If you have a feature request please send an email to support@ with “Feature Request” in the subject line.

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