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Aircraft List: This list shows all of the aircraft in your inventory.

Aircraft Detail Screen: This screen is shown when you touch an aircraft on the list.

dd Flight: When you press the "Add Flight" button, this screen will display.  You record as much or as little information here as you like...all items on this screen are optional.  All flights are stored individually and can be viewed and edited at a later time.

Items from top to bottom:
Crashed: If a crash occurred on this flight select this check box.
Notes: Enter any notes you might have for this flight here.
Flight Time: This is pre-populated with the default time specific to this aircraft.  You can change this if you like.
Power Source: Select the power source(s) used for this flight.

View Flights
: When you press the "View Flights" button, this screen will display. 

List View: This is the default flight list that is displayed. Flights are shown in reverse chronological order. Press one of the flight buttons to view the flight details.

Calendar View: Flights are shown on a calendar beginning with the most recent flight. Touching a day with a flight will display a list view (as above) for flights on that day.

Flight Type Icons:

Flight Icon  Crash Icon

Flight Details: This screen displays the details for the selected flight.

If this aircraft is electrically powered and you selected a power source when adding the flight, you will see a button under "Power Used". Pressing this button will display the battery cycle that corresponds to this flight.  There will also be < and > buttons at the bottom of the screen so you can quickly step through previous and following flights.
This button will delete this flight.  Associated battery cycles will also be removed.
This button will open the flight notes editing screen which will allow you to change/update the notes for this flight.

Add/Edit Aircraft
: When you press the "Edit Aircraft" button or the "+" button on the main list toolbar, this screen is displayed.

Select an aircraft photo from the device's gallery.
Take photo of the aircraft using the device's camera.
This button toggles the time between "Default Flight Time" and "Total Flight Time".
This button toggles power type between electric and fuel.
This button will display the power association screen (below).

Power Association: You will use this screen to select the power sources you want to associate with this aircraft. 

Simply touch the items you would like to associate and then touch the "Back" button. The items you have selected for use on the aircraft will now be listed to the right of the power type and select power buttons. After you have assigned some power sources to an aircraft, when you add a flight for this aircraft, you will be able to select the power source(s) used for the flight. If the type of aircraft is electric, the battery(ies) you selected for the flight will have its cycle counter incremented. If the type of aircraft is fuel, the consumption tally for both the aircraft and the selected fuel will be increased by the appropriate amount.

Aircraft Notes:
You can keep your own personal notes for each aircraft.  These notes can be anything you like...upgrades, adjustments, issues or anything else you can think of. As of version 3.1.0, notes have become individual items, each with their own independent attributes.  Note alarms were also introduced in v3.1.0.  You can use these alarms to remind you of important events such as charging your radio receiver pack or performing routine maintenance. These alarms can be set to trigger after a specified number of calendar days or number of  flights.

When you touch one of the notes, you will be taken to the note details screen:

This button will delete this note.
This button will open the notes editing screen (immediately below) which will allow you to change/update the notes for this aircraft.


Date: The date that this note was created or reset.
Flight: The aircraft flight number when the note was created or reset.
Note Title: The main "name" of the note.  This will be shown in colored bold on the note list.
Note Information: Longer text to expand or list details or comments for this note.
Icon: The selected icon will be used to identify this note on the note list.

Note Alarms:
Note ResetThis button will reset the date of the note to the current day and the flight number to the current flight.  For example, if you set an alarm to recharge your receiver battery pack every 10 flights, once the alarm is triggered and you have charged your Rx pack, you simply have to hit this button to establish the next interval that the alarm will trigger. The alarm can have three different states that are selectable by pressing the button:

Off: No alarm is set for this note.
Days: The alarm will trigger after the specified number of days has elapsed.
Flights: The alarm will trigger after the specified number of flights has elapsed.

Once an aircraft note alarm  triggers, it will be seen as below on the following screens:

The Aircraft Note List screen:
List Alarm

The Note Details screen:
Detail Alarm

The Aircraft Details screen:
Aircraft Nag

These notifications for the alarm will remain until you either reset the alarm triggers on the Note Edit screen or delete the note altogether.

Retire Aircraft:
Retires this aircraft. This will move an aircraft to the bottom of the list and add "(RETIRED)" to the end of the name. You cannot add flights or edit a retired aircraft.

Reactivate Aircraft:
Reactivates this aircraft. This will restore this aircraft to full active duty.

Remove Aircraft:
Permanently deletes this aircraft from your inventory.

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