General Aircraft Fuel Options


Battery List: This list displays all of the batteries in your inventory.

Battery State Icons:

 Fully Charged


 Fully Discharged

Battery Detail Screen: This screen opens when you touch a battery on the list.

Add Charge:
After flying, manually discharging a battery or if the battery is in the "Storage" state, this option will be available.  You may input any observations or notes you have about this usage cycle. You may also input the residual voltage remaining in the pack after use as well as the total charge that the battery received.  The charge type button sets
the state the battery will be in after this charge. Choices are "Full Charge" and "Storage".  

Parallel Charging: When you press the "Add Charge" button, you will see the following pop-up if the following conditions are true:

If you select no, you will be taken to the normal charge screen where you only record the charge of the battery your viewing.  If you select yes, you will be presented with the screen below.  

This screen allows you to select what batteries are part of the parallel charge.  Only batteries with the same cell count and same charge state will be shown on this list.  Once you select the batteries and press the ok/yes button,  you are taken to the parallel charge screen.  This screen is very similar to the regular add charge screen.  The main difference is that any notes entered here will be appended to the existing cycle notes of all batteries that are part of the parallel charge.

Add Discharge:
If the selected battery is currently in a charged state, this option will be available.  The "Discharge Type" button sets the state that the battery will be in after the discharge is complete.

View Cycles:
This option allows you to view and edit cycles that have been recorded for this battery. Cycles
are shown in reverse chronological order. Press one of the cycle buttons to view the details for that cycle.

Cycle Details: This screen displays the details for the selected cycle.

If this cycle was the result of a flight, you will see a "View Associated Flight" button. Pressing this button will display the flight that corresponds to this cycle.  There will also be < and > buttons at the bottom of the screen so you can quickly step through previous and following cycles.
This button will delete this cycle. Any references to this cycle in flights will also be removed. The associated flights themselves will not be removed.
This button will open the edit cycle screen which will allow you to change/update the attributes for this cycle.
Note: If this battery has not yet been charged for this cycle, the charging information will NOT be displayed.

Add/Edit Battery
: When you press the "Edit Battery" button or the "+" button on the main list toolbar, this screen is displayed.

Select a battery photo from the device's gallery.
Take photo of the battery
using the device's camera.

Clone Batteries:
The "Clone Battery" button will display this screen.

Those of us that fly electric aircraft usually have a ton of batteries with many of them being the same type/make/model. To avoid having to add all of the details of every single battery, we've provided the "Clone Battery" option. When you select a battery that you've already added, one of the options available to you is "Clone Battery". This will create a new battery in your inventory that is an exact duplicate of the original with a new name and the number of cycles you specify.

Retire Battery:
Retires this battery. This will move the battery to the bottom of the list and add "(RETIRED)" to the end of the name. You cannot add cycles to or edit a retired battery.

Battery: Reactivates this battery. This will restore this battery to full use capability..

Battery: Permanently deletes this battery from your inventory.

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