General Aircraft Batteries Fuel

Options Screen: When you press the options button on the main toolbar, this screen is displayed.

Pilot Statistics:
Here are your bragging rights. :)  The medals that are awarded are based on the number of flights.  You can also receive a Purple Heart for a crash!  
Information for these medals is located at the bottom of this document.

App Information:
Here you are shown information about this app.  Information includes: version number, database usage, etc.

This button displays the document you are looking at now.  The
button on the toolbar will take you to the top of the document.

List Color: These buttons allow you to select a color for each list in your inventory.

Measurement Units: These buttons allow you to toggle between Metric or Imperial measurement units.

You can use Dropbox to backup or move your data.

Data Backup and Restoration:
The database that stores all data for the T3chDad® RC Flight Log can be easily synchronized with the Dropbox online storage service.  You can use this service to backup your valuable 
data as well as sync between devices and even different environments.  The data format is consistent across all platforms.  You can use an Android Flight Log database on an Apple device and vice versa.  

More Options:
This screen allows for more detailed tweaking of the interface and behavior of the 
T3chDad® RC Flight Log.

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