Endorsed by the Blue Angels

Thanks to Chuck Cantieny for sharing this great story with us.

“I am a drafting instructor with a laser cutter in my classroom. Through the local hobby shop I started doing some laser cutting for a local RC guy. He had me laser cut a foamcore X-41 for him. Looked real nice I thought. Turns out one of the Blue Angels pilots was coming to Charlotte Technical Center to give a presentation when they were in town for the Charlotte County Air Show. We have the Charlotte County Aerospace Institute on our campus. They are a partnership between Daytona Beach based Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the Charlotte County Technical Center. So I think, wouldn’t it be cool to have one in Blue Angles livery. So I plot out the colors on our plotter, spray mount that to foamcore and cut it on the laser. I wish the colors had come out brighter…oh well. Anyway the Pilot thinks it’s pretty cool and takes it back to the airport for all the pilots to sign. Nice!! I think the Embry-Riddle people are going to auction it off at their fundraiser April 21st.”

Chuck Cantieny
Drafting Instructor
Charlotte Technical Center
Port Charlotte, Fl

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