RC Flight Log v3.1 is nearing completion. The feature set is complete and we’re now bug-hunting. We hope to have it in your hands by the end of February.

RCFL New Features

  • Enabled editing of fuel usage when adding a flight.
  • Support for parallel charging of batteries. You only have to enter charging information once for all batteries that are parallel charged.
  • Added capability for storage charges/discharges of batteries. As a result, batteries now have three states: Discharged, Storage and Charged.
  • Option to hide retired items from lists.
  • Option to not track charging.
  • Option to select default flight view (Calendar or List).
  • Significant expansion of the Aircraft Notes functionality.
    • Each note is now treated as a separate item with its own date, flight #, title and description.
    • You may set alarms for aircraft notes for number of days or number of flights. For example, say you need to charge your Rx pack every ten flights. You add an aircraft note to charge your Rx pack and set an alarm of ten flights. After the alarm is triggered, you will get a popup notice for that aircraft note when you view that aircraft’s details until you reset the alarm.
    • You can also choose from different display icons for each note to choose from.

Here are a few teasers…

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