Su-37 Super Flanker Yellow 13
I’m a big fan of the Ace Combat series of video games and I’m a big fan of the Flanker series of fighter jets. I combined the two, and this was the result. The inspiration for this build was the arch-nemesis “Yellow 13” from Ace Combat 4. This was a scratch build project. Steve Shumate (jetset44) was kind enough to share his plans with us. I’ve built this model twice. The first model was totaled in a mid-air collision with a 3D foamy in November of 2010. This is my all-time favorite jet, so I had to build another one. I finished the second one in May of 2011.

You can get all the details on both builds at RC Groups:
First Build (August 2008)
Second Build (May 2011)

Yellow 13 Mission 3 (Funny Audio)
Yellow 13 Mission 2
Yellow 13 Mission 1
Flight Envelope Testing
Control Throws, Directions and Flat Spins

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